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    Welcome to BITControl GmbH

    Over 20 years, BITControl has been developing software for the design of wastewater treatment plants and for efficient plant operation.

    The extraordinary combination of engineering, software and programming, procedural competence and a partnership with all parties involved, lead us to very good and efficient project results.

    Our mission statement is a comprehensive service concept for all projects, which supports our customers from planning to optimal operation.


    Training Waste Water Management Office of Lagos

    Foto Schulung

    In October 10 employees of the agency got a schooling for the software AQUA DESIGNER in our office in Nattenheim.

    By the schooling also generel treatment themes have been discussed and we made some excursions to local plants like an MBR for 7.000 PE or a recently by BITControl optimized plant with plate diffusers, fuzzy-control and a new block heat and power plant.

    To see the article in german press klick here.

    Waste Water Management Office of Lagos, Nigeria purchased a company license of AQUA DESIGNER

    Logo LagosIn April 2014 the Lagos State Waste Water Management Office purchased a company license of the wastewater design software AQUA DESIGNER. With AQUA DESIGNER the new plants for Lagos will be calculated and verified.

    With AQUA DESIGNER various processes for contineous flown plants with separate stage denitrification, intermittend denitrification or simultaneous denitrification and also for carbon degredation or only nitrification can be calculated. Also the design of SBR or MBR plants is concluded. Furthermore other parts of the plant like sludge treatment and grit chamber are part of the design tools.

    As result you get detailled reports, operational cost, key figures, drawings etc.

    Certification ISO 9001:2008

    9108620505 161935Since 02.05.2014 we are certified according to ISO 9001:2008

    The certification process was of high benefit for our organisation and for a reliable project and process management.


    Self Supply by Photovoltaic

    BITControl Building with photovoltaicWith our new installed Photovoltaic we are able to cover our total energy demand by renewable energy production.

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