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    aquadesignerMembrane System according to DWA-M 227
    New functions: Machine list, Measuring Point List and Flow Diagram

    AQUA DESIGNER has been on the market for 20 years and is one of the few design tools for sewage treatment plants that has been continuously adapted to the current DWA guidelines. After a version with the new DWA-A 131 of June 2016 was already available in 2016, which is also integrated into the SBR design, the DWA-M 229-1 of September 2017 was also added in spring. At the end of 2018, valuable additional engineering tools were completed.

    AQUA DESIGNER provides the possibility to implement machine data from integrated databases directly into the design process. A machine list is now automatically generated with this information. Sand trap, biological stage and sludge treatment can be calculated in AQUA DESIGNER. Further peripheral process steps can be added via a menu. From this an extensive list of machines and measuring devices with an index system is generated. On the basis of the machine list, a flowchart is then generated with the selected machines, according to the calculation path and the selected number of steps and lines.

     flow diagram pdf       

    In addition to the already included tools such as calculation of operating costs, true scaled drawings, oxygen efficiency, mass calculation, buoyancy, etc., further valuable tools are available for project processing.

    AQUA DESIGNER 9.0 is now available and can be downloaded as a demo.

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